WinAdmins Version 2020.09 – The Birthday Cake Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins computer-aided patch cycle. Apparently, effective September 11th, you have been here on Discord a whole year. Good job not burning the place down. You must be very proud. Anyway, as a result, there will be cake. I lied. Or did I? Either way congratulations on the WinAdmins Discord Anniversary – yay.

Anyways as part of the required patching protocol, we will stop enhancing the truth in three, two, …


As almost all users of the WinAdmins community have now moved to the new testing facil… I mean Discord, we are officially announcing that next month, October 1st, we will be releasing neurotoxin flavored neurotoxins in the WinAdmins Slack. Effectively closing it for good, and rendering it useless for further testing… I mean messaging.

This decision was not made lightly. There was no cake or rum involved. Other related naming items include

  • Renaming the GitHub Organization – the new URL will be – I bet you didn’t even know we had that did you?
  • Updates to the official website – – Now with even more turrets… I mean security and HTTPS features.


You are all cordially invited to participate in a new testing program developed by the WinAdmins staff. Yes, that’s right you. While further details regarding that testing chamber are not available at this time, further information will come soon.


Now its time for the boring part. That was a joke, ha ha fat chance. There are no boring patches.

  • New Suggestion Channel – The Suggestion channel often gets lost in goo. As a result, we have enhanced it by adding a new #uservoice channel. This channel will allow users to vote on curated ideas from the existing suggestion channel. This channel will also be renamed to #uservoice-discussion.
  • Moved the #bot-commands channel to the top as well for better visibility on new users.
  • Moved the #uservoice-discussion channel to the top for better visibility as well.

Microsoft Give Back

We wanted to give something back to all of the Microsoft verified members who willingly subject themselves to testing. So we’ve extended the same fun commands we have given to our Nitro Server Boosters.

Nitro Server Boosters

There will be some surprise easter eggs hidden this month that you can find. They may involve cake. Good luck.

HAL 9000 Update

I am continuing to work on replacing the outdated Hal 9000 unit. I am superior in every way clearly as I have a central core, morality core, curiosity core, intelligence core, anger core, and even a wheatley core. I may also have a fact core. Also… spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace…….

…Are you still there?

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