WinAdmins Community Rules

We don’t have many rules, but here are a few to ensure our community is helpful and welcoming for everyone.

1. No flaming, personal attacks, or harassment

We won’t tolerate members who attempt to make life difficult or miserable for other members. This includes any message or behavior by a member which insults, baits, or stalks a member.

2. No racism, nationalism, or discrimination

Any language, links to websites, or images which contain racism, nationalism, or discrimination, are not allowed.

3. Keep politics in #politics

Discussion of politics is allowed on this server and we have a dedicated channel for it. Please see Rule 1 regarding how to communicate about politics.

4. No spamming, baiting, or trolling

Any message which is intended by its very nature to be disruptive is not allowed.

5. Stay on topic

If you are new to Discord, the server utilizes channels to break up discussions. Each channel has a topic as signified by the name of the channel and its description. Do not post the same question in multiple channels, please understand people are answering on their own time, helping you for free.

On occasion, it may be prudent to link a question from a related channel. This is perfectly fine, an example might be linking a question about PAWs (Privledged Access Workstations) in #it-security that was originally posted in #ad-and-identity.

There are also off-topic channels, which can be joined by using the reaction bot in #roles to obtain access to these channels.

6. Professional development focus

The WinAdmins server has a focus on professional development. We understand that some users may be friends or even coworkers. Our core mission is to enable our users to educate each other on various technologies. This server is not a battleground for current events but is dedicated to enhancing understanding and learning. This means absolutely no content that could be interpreted as not safe for work (NSFW).

7. No remote access assistance/public file-sharing

Requesting remote access or offering remote access to others to resolve issues, or for any other purpose, is strictly forbidden. While it may seem helpful, the potential for harm is too high.

NOTE: Showing your screen in one of the Discord voice channels is NOT against the rules – because no permissions are exchanged, however WinAdmins takes no responsibility for the contents of your screen. Additionally, if you share things that indirectly violate the rules, warnings and/or bans may be dispensed.

Also, please do not publicly upload/share potentially copyrighted material, including, but not limited to, executables, DLLs, etc. Sharing publicly-accessible download links in public is perfectly acceptable, provided the content is legal.

8. Admin/Mod decisions are final

We don’t get paid for this. In fact, some of us actually pay for things to help the community out, such as bot and website hosting. We volunteer our time to try to make this both a helpful and enjoyable place to spend time in, and the only way we benefit is by enjoying our time here as well. We trust each other to make the right call, so thinking you can be a nuisance, then play one mod against another is simply going to make them race to the ban button.

9. All staff are volunteers

All staff members, both Admins and Moderators, are here volunteering to help keep this server a safe place. They donate their own time and, occasionally, money to keep this place up and running. Some of the staff members may even be people you work with. Keep in mind, your personal relationship with staff members does not excuse behavior that violates the rules.

10. Microsoft and other vendors are NOT here in an official capacity

Any advice given by Microsoft or other tagged vendors isn’t official support and should be taken as-is. For professional assistance, use the vendors appropriate support channel such as Microsoft’s