WinAdmins Version 2020.10 – The Slackening Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins computer-aided patch cycle. This month is a relatively quiet month, with only a few minor items to make note of.


As of today, Slack has been officially retired. When the Slack group was initially created in July 2015, we could not even imagine that this is where we would be in 2020. Thanks all who have been with us for that long, and pour one out in honor of Slack.

Helper Role Usage

Helper roles in the various channels should primarily be used if you require immediate assistance with a time-sensitive issue, not for general-purpose questions. This Discord server is in no way a replacement for Microsoft (or any other vendor) official support channels, but we understand that it can still be beneficial to ping the community and sometimes get some quick assistance from someone that may have seen your issue before.

If you see someone else reporting an issue that you feel deems it, feel free to ping the role on their behalf. They may not realize that it exists.

Channel topics have been updated to clarify usage.

Role Changes

A handful of roles have been renamed and otherwise tidied up, and a few more deleted that were no longer in use. The biggest change is the sorting and standardization of the helper role names. Let us know if you discover any issues with any existing roles.

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