WinAdmins Version 2021.10 – The Discovery Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins computer-aided patch cycle.

6,400 Members!

We’re now up to 6,400+ members! In the words of submarine captain Jóhannes, “neat-o”.

Role Icons!

Discord rolled out a new feature to add icons to roles. We’ve added “official” icons to all of the vendor roles, as well as a few other roles. The icon displayed next to your username will be your highest role with an icon defined.

StatBot Role!

We created a new role named “Frequent Visitor”, where members will be automatically added/removed from this role as thresholds for the role are met/lost, based on statistics gathered by StatBot. This role has the same orange color as the Helper roles of the past, and was designed to make our regular members that are not vendors/MVPs/staff “stand out” a bit more.

Server Discovery!

Discord dropped the requirements for enabling server discovery from 7,000 members to 1,000, so we’re now listed as a “public” server (that “Explore Public Servers” button at the bottom of your server list). We’re doing this as a trial for now; hopefully we just don’t attract more folks in need of some -techsupport.

Reminder! Upcoming Windows 365 Event!

If you haven’t already registered, be sure to check out our upcoming event “Introducing Windows 365 – The CloudPC” on October 13th, featuring Donna Ryan. Please see Introducing Windows 365 – The CloudPC for more information.

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