WinAdmins is a loosely organized community. That said, there are a number of key players in the organization who contribute to the collective in one way or another.

Administration Team

The administration team is responsible for the day to day work of WinAdmins, including functions such as bot administration, handling interactions via our social media presences, and future planning. They work to ensure that technologies are in place for you to connect, communicate, help one another, and socialize.

Name Discord Username Primary Roles/Responsibilities Links
Anthony @ajf#8729 Discord Admin, GitHub Owner, Twitter Owner | | |
Chris @Chris Kibble#8888 Discord Admin, Webmaster, YouTube Owner | | |
Jóhannes @jgkps#0001 Discord Owner | |
Jordan @JordanTheITGuy#2047 Discord Admin, Bot Developer/Maintainer | | |
Steven @ecorp#0666 Discord Admin, Hosting Admin |

Moderation Team

The moderation team is responsible for keeping our channels, both public and private, spam free and mostly on topic. Most importantly, they ensure that our community rules and guidelines are followed.

Name Discord Username Links
Booots @booots#7860
Chris @chrisdent#4485 |
Jake @Jake#4885
Kevin @Psychodata#1337 | | |
Krys @Kooties#4950 | |
Patrick @ITWizardPat (MVP)#1568
Ronzie @Ronzie#6969
Scott @GingerScott#8870 |