WinAdmins Version 2021.11 – The Turkey Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins computer-aided patch cycle.

Discord Native Events

  • Discord native events are here; please see for more information.
  • All future events that were already created in #events have been duplicated in the new native format.
  • The #events channel will remain around for the meantime.
  • New events will only be added via the native Discord feature.
  • The Microsoft Employee and Trusted Vendor/Organization roles have been granted the “Manage Events” permission in order to add events themselves.
  • You may need to reload your Discord client (Ctrl+R) in order to see the new Events section at the top of the channel list (above #announcements).

Server Name Change

  • The server name has been changed from “Windows Admins” to “WinAdmins”.
  • This is more in line with our name/representation in most other places.
  • Due to this change, we no longer appear in server discovery if you search for “Windows”, hopefully cutting down on joins looking for tech support.

New/Updated Commands

  • -TechSupport has been updated with a similar format to other custom commands, with additional links to other communities.
  • -MSFeedback has been created, with links to the new Microsoft Feedback Portals.
  • -CMLinks has been created, with links to useful ConfigMgr-related documentation.

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