Discord Roles & Custom Commands

The following describes the various roles and commands available in the WinAdmins Discord server.


The following outlines the available custom roles and how to obtain them

Role NameFunctionHow to Obtain
Microsoft EmployeeGranted to official Microsoft employeesRun the command %%microsoft verify in the #bot-commands channel and follow the instructions to validate your Azure AD account using a corporate-managed device
Microsoft MVPGranted to active Microsoft MVPsSend an email to admins at winadmins dot io request this role
Microsoft PartnerGranted to active Microsoft PartnersSend an email to admins at winadmins dot io from your business email address to request this role
Trusted Vendor/OrganizationGranted to users that are representing a vendor in an official capacity. This role also has a number of subroles for specific vendors that have multiple representativesSend an email to admins at winadmins dot io from your business email address to request this role
SysManSquad StaffGranted to members of the Systems Management Squad (https://sysmansquad.com/)Join the SMS team via https://sysmansquad.com/ and a squad member will assist you with obtaining this role
WinAdmins E5 UsersDiscord Nitro server boostersBoost the server to obtain this role and access to an exclusive channel
Notification RolesUsed by bots to send notifications in specific channelsVisit the #roles channel to self-assign these roles
Timezone RolesFlag yourself with one of three timezone regionsVisit the #roles channel to self-assign these roles
Off-Topic Channel RolesGrant access to various off-topic private channelsVisit the #roles channel to self-assign these roles


The following outlines all available commands that can be run on the server, and what roles may be required for use. Unless otherwise specified, the prefix for said commands is a hyphen (-)


askDon’t ask to ask, i.e., how to ask better questions (this command will autodelete the invoking message)-ask
callmodsAlert the moderation team about an issue in a channel (this command will autodelete the invoking message)-callmods
catfactResponds with a random cat fact (only works in the #pets channel)-catfact
cmlinksGet useful ConfigMgr links-cmlinks
delreminderDeletes a reminder-delreminder <ID>
dogfactResponds with a random dog fact (only works in the #pets channel)-dogfact
githubGet community GitHub link-github
giveduckGet a random duck image-giveduck @username
inviteGet community invite link-invite
licensing (aliases: license, licenses)Collection of Microsoft 365 licensing diagrams-licensing-license, or -licenses
markdown (alias: code)Help someone with posting code with syntax highlighting-markdown or -code
portalsLinks to Microsoft Administrator sites-portals
qspamReminder to not to spam questions in multiple channels, causing multiple separate conversations (this command will autodelete the invoking message)-qspam
redactReminder to redact information from logs/screenshots (this command will autodelete the invoking message)-redact
remindersLists your active reminders-reminders
remindmeSchedules a reminder-remindme 1h Reply to John
stuckHelp someone that appears to be stuck in a voice channel (only works in the #voice-along channel)-stuck @username
schannelUseful SChannel links/information-schannel
secureadUseful AD security links/information-securead
techsupportHelp someone looking for general tech support outside the scope of this community (this command will autodelete the invoking message)-techsupport
twitterGet community Twitter link-twitter
whfbGet useful Windows Hello for Business links-whfb
wufbGet useful Windows Update for Business links-wufb
xyXY problems (this command will autodelete the invoking message)-xy
youtubeGet community YouTube link-youtube

Nitro Boosters & Microsoft Employees

dadjokeResponds with a random dad joke-dadjoke
newtopicResponds with a random new topic-newtopic
throwThrow a random item at a user-throw @username

Microsoft Employees & Trusted Vendors

pollCreate a poll (up to ten options)-poll "Poll description" "Option 1" "Option 2"