Community Stance on Pronoun Role Request

From the Admin & Mod Teams,

The WinAdmins team has been fielding many questions and suggestions regarding methods in which our community members can identify their preferred pronouns or gender information to other community members. This feedback has come in the form of public discussions in #uservoice-discussion#community, and direct message to the moderation team and admin staff.

There have been a lot of great ideas. The two that we find ourselves limited to (as we don’t have control over the Discord platform) are role-based identifiers and nickname identifiers.

After dozens of discussions over several months, we’re moving forward with encouraging our members to use their nicknames to help identify their pronouns to others. While many of our members were hoping for a role list, we don’t feel like we could maintain inclusivity with that method; this is the IT equivalent of using a textbox instead of a dropdown.

If you need help changing your nickname, there are instructions available here:

We will also be updating our WinAdmins Welcome Screen (shown to new members) and our website to encourage members to use this functionality.

The WinAdmins community does not tolerate harassment, including harassment based on race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Members engaging in harassing behavior will be issued warnings or banned.

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