WinAdmins Version 2021.06 – The Cats Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins monthly computer-aided patch cycle.

Community News

We hit 5,500 members on May 28th! Hooray!

Security Advisories Channel

The #security-advisories announcement channel has been created per UserVoice item 24, as a place to post automated and curated CVE/security-related announcements that the community may be interested in. Community Staff, Microsoft Employees, Microsoft MVPs, and Trusted Vendors are currently able to post messages here. We plan to automate some of the posting in the future, but felt it was best get the channel added for now, to separate security-related items from general community-related posts in #announcements.

Events Channel

The #events channel has been created as a replacement for the shared Google calendar that tracked various events such as conferences, meetups, webinars, AMAs, etc. We started to utilize the event command in various channels but quickly realized that these posts get buried and even if pinned, they can still easily be missed. Community Staff, Microsoft Employees, and Trusted Vendors are able to post events here. Please see the pinned message in the #events channel for help/command syntax.

To request an event be added, please ping the @Admin role in the relevant channel or in #community with information about the event, links, etc.

Status Command

Have you ever needed to find out what a particular HTTP status code means, but didn’t know where to look? Check out the new status command! Just run -status <code> in any channel!

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