WinAdmins Version 2021.04 – The Sad Robot Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins monthly computer-aided patch cycle. I know you’re probably all thinking – I wish you’d just tell me rather than trying to engage my enthusiasm because I haven’t got one.

Server Updates

Congratulations I guess, we now have over more than 5K members. You hit this truly amazing goal on March 24th and didn’t stop. Now there are 5,161 people to hang out with. Yay. Probably has something to do with that @Jóhannes guy helping with making a video for Intune.Training.


Because you already weren’t getting any work done today anyway. Until someone decides otherwise I am forced to go back and forth between 0 and 100.

The game is simple, Mods count up, standard users count down. The count will start at 50. If you have the MODERATOR role, you will need to count UP. If you DO NOT you will count down.

The goal is to get the count to 0 for the community and for staff to get to 100.


Mods are still immune to slow mode to help balance it out, but they cannot count twice in a row.

The first user to win on either side gets to pick within reason the next counting game special event.

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