WinAdmins Version 2021.02 – The Late Show Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins occasional monthly computer-aided patch cycle. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

New Website

Thanks to @acc@Chris Kibble (He/Him), and @krbtgt, we have a new website based on Hugo and Markdown! The site is accessible via the same URL,, and is managed via GitHub Pages, meaning anyone can contribute! We have also added a Help page that documents the various commands and roles available, and a Rules page to make our community rules a bit more public.

Server Changes

  • The #rules channel has been renamed to #information, and the previous rules post replaced with an informational post that links to our new Rules and Help pages, along with links to our external presences.
  • Membership Screening has been enabled for new members that join the server.

Bot Changes

  • MonitoRSS has been added, and feeds added to the #papercut#patch-my-pc, and #psappdeploytoolkit channels for updates/new releases. Three new roles have been added that will receive notifications from new posts. Please see the new Notifications role menu in #roles to join these roles.
  • DMDb has been added to the #entertainment channel per UserVoice #17.

Previous Changes

  • UserVoice #18: #linux channel created under the Systems Admin category.
  • UserVoice #20: #movies-and-tv channel renamed to #entertainment, to be more inclusive of all things entertainment (excluding #games and #music).
  • UserVoice #21: #finance channel created under the Off Topic category.

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