WinAdmins Version 2020.11 – The Kooky Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins monthly computer-aided patch cycle.

Moderator Changes

Please join us in welcoming @[email protected] 🎉 (she/her) to the Moderator team! 🥳

Other Changes

  • Off-topic channel and Helper role menus have been migrated to our newer, self-hosted bot. To remove a previously added role, you will need to react and unreact.
  • Timezone selection has been converted to a role menu, and the previous commands retired.
  • #osd has been renamed to #os-deployment, to match #app-deployment.
  • The OSD Helpers role has been retired.
  • A new Helper role has been created, SQL Helpers.
  • The ?callmods command has been replaced with -callmods. Please use this command in any channel to notify the Moderator team of any problems/issues.

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