WinAdmins Version 2021.08 – The Hyper-Threaded Edition

Hello and, again, welcome to the WinAdmins monthly computer-aided patch cycle.

Community News

We hit 5,900 members on July 28th! Hooray!


Threads have recently been added to Discord (check out Discord’s blog post here). After some initial testing, we have decided to enable threads on a pilot basis, to see how they work in our community.

  • All threads permissions are disabled in the #community channel.
    • Due to the rolling nature of discussion in the #community channel, we feel that threads are not needed there.
  • The ability for anyone to start a new public thread has been enabled in the following channels: #intune#powershell#patch-my-pc, and #entertainment.
    • The above listed channels now have a 1 minute slowmode enabled to encourage the use of threads for responding to others and to keep specific topics together.
    • The #shameless-self-promotion and #uservoice-discussion channels also has public threads enabled, to allow for responses/discussion to occur about a user’s post. These threads will not be impacted by the 6 hour slowmode in the channel itself.
    • All other technology-focused and off-topic channels will remain unchanged at this time.
    • These changes may be revisited in the future, please provide any feedback in the #uservoice-discussion channel.
  • Private thread creation is disabled server-wide.
    • There is currently no need for private threads; conversations can be moved to direct messages if needed.
  • Threads will automatically be archived after 24 hours of inactivity.

Role Changes

  • The Nitro Booster role has been moved down in ranking from above the Microsoft Employee and Trusted Vendor/Organization roles to below them, in order to highlight vendors with their role color regardless of boost status.

Other Changes

  • We’ve create a new repository in our GitHub organization for Intune-related items, similar to the existing ConfigMgr repository. Please feel free to contribute anything you may have found useful by submitting a pull request!
  • The #get-off-my-lawn channel has been renamed to #home-and-garden, per Uservoice #25.

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