Community Heroes

WinAdmins Community Heroes are members of our Discord community who we recognize as outstanding friends and mentors within the group. You’ll find them in our community channel pointing new members in the right direction, in our on-topic technical channels helping someone solve a problem, or in our off-topic channels assisting someone with their resume or giving career advice.

The WinAdmins administrators team selected the first group of Community Heroes as part of the program’s initial rollout; however, we anticipate turning over the reigns to the community to nominate heroes going forward. You should expect to hear more about this over the next few months.

Our Current Heroes

Adam Gross2022-02 |  |
Chris Dent2022-02 |
Chuck Lanctot2022-02
Missy Quarry2022-02
Timothy Watson2022-02 |  |

Q & A

Q: Are there any benefits to being a Community Hero?

A: Community Heroes are given a unique role in the WinAdmins Discord to stand out as heroes and have a dedicated channel with the WinAdmins staff to share their thoughts and ideas for the community. The team is open to any other ideas that the community has around benefits they’d like to see added.

Q: What does the community expect of Community Heroes?

A: Keep doing exactly what you’re doing, because you’re clearly doing it right! Nothing new is expected of you, although we’d certainly appreciate it if you use your new powers for good and helped shape the community for the best, both in chat as well as privately with the staff.

Q: How long are Community Heroes kept in the role after being added?

A: This is still being worked out; please come back later 🙂