Who are the WinAdmins?

The WinAdmins group is a collection of over 5,900 like-minded geeks interested in information sharing through online chat, blogs, tweets, and conference meet-ups. We are, in short, a loosely formed community focused on helping others in managing IT environments. While our original focus was on the management of Microsoft Windows environments, we’ve grown to support each other in managing Mac, Mobile, Cloud, and all new emerging technologies.

Becoming a Member

WinAdmins is a loosely formed organization – there is currently no official membership. You can find our community in our online chat room and you can find many of our resources on this website. If you’re looking for help, come ask for it; someone has probably been down your road before. If you’re looking to help or mentor, come offer it. If there’s something specific you’d like to contribute, please reach out to the organizers.

Discord Community Statistics

If you are curious to see our Discord community’s statistics, please see our StatBot Dashboard.