WinAdmins is a community of nearly 1,500 people who are (have we stressed this enough) “loosely organized”. That said, there are a number of key players in the organization who contribute to the collective in one way or another.

Organizers and Administrators

The organizers and administrators are responsible for the day to day work of WinAdmins. We work to ensure that technologies are in place for you to connect, communicate, help one another, and socialize.

Name / Handle Functions
Anthony Fontanez (@krbgt)Original WinAdmin, Slack Owner, Discord Admin, Twitter Admin.
Chris Kibble (@Praetorians)Slack Admin, Discord Admin, Webmaster.
Jóhannes (@JGKPS)Discord Owner, Slack Admin
Jordan Benzing (@JordanTheITGuy)Bot Administrator, Slack Admin, Discord Admin.
Steven (@fSociety)Slack Admin, Discord Admin

Community Moderators

The moderators are responsible for keeping our channels, both public and private, spam free and mostly on topic. Most importantly, they ensure that the rules defined both on this webpage and in #rules are followed.

  • Adam Cook (@acc)
  • Booots (@Booots)
  • Chris Dent (@ChrisDent)
  • Jake (@ShaqAttack)
  • Kevin (@Psychodata)
  • Patrick (@ITWizardPat)
  • Ronzie (@Ronzie)
  • Scott (@Ginger.Scott)


  • @Sarah – Doctor of Website Grammar
  • KC Lemson (Twitter @kclemson) – Doesn’t hang around WinAdmins, but creator of the Ninja Cat logos we’re fond of using everywhere.